It is the first full day of the lunar new year here on the left coast of America. In some places, it’s considered the year of the goat. Tibetans, I read, are celebrating the new year of the female wood sheep. I live with Buddhists of a Tibetan school, and I’ve knitted so far only with sheep’s wool, never with cashmere, I love sheep’s milk cheeses, and then I’m fond of polite word play, so I say that 2015 is the year of the Wood Ewe. I think it will be a good year for all of us soon to finish an Outreach Program internship!

I’ve continued to work on the Firefox UI tests, and I’ve been very fortunate the past couple of weeks to have had generous and patient help from the A-Team’s David Burns, Andrew Halberstadt, and Chris Manchester. I’ve landed my first, teeny-tiny, patch on the mozilla-central repository. I learned a lot updating a test conversion that Chris started and helped, and helped, me finish. I learned still more today working on two more tests. It’s hard to imagine a better group to work with!

I’m very curious to see what tomorrow brings. And I wish everyone, not just a happy year of the Wood Ewe, but especially the next few nights, a clear view to the west at sunset, to see Venus and Mars near conjunction and very near the very new crescent moon.