This round of GNOME’s Outreach Program internships officially began December 9th, but mine really began the week before, when Mozilla staff from around the world arrived here in Portland, of all places, for one of Mozilla’s “work weeks.” It was wonderful, after chatting on IRC through much of the autumn, to meet Henrik Skupin, the QA contact on the patches I'd worked on during the Ascend Project, and the mentor for my internship. He invited me to sit in on meeting after meeting, and I learned so very much more, so very quickly, about Mozilla and the Mozilla QA team. I was astonished at how very welcome everyone made me feel.

I expect the largest part of my internship work to be updating automated tests for Marionette, but for now, I've followed up on a bug related to some test run failures I saw working on a couple of library refactoring patches, and I'm working on a node.js IRC bot to support Test Days.