Spring has arrived early here in Portland, and so, it seems, has the official end of my Outreach Program internship, while I still have at least this blog post to write, and one more Firefox UI test conversion to finish up, and maybe a library method to polish off for that test, and then there’s at least one more test to convert that’s very like this one... so I hope to be forgiven for saving thank yous and farewells till next time. I will note here and now that a patch with my name on it has landed in the latest version of Firefox itself, and I thank Chris and David for all their help with that!

Maybe you’d like to do something similar this summer? The latest round of Outreachy (new name) internships have been announced. Your initial contribution and application are due the 24th of this month. I promise, there’s no group you’ll enjoy working with more than Mozilla’s A-Team. Be sure to check out their project.

I’m off to the PyLadies Resume Workshop this evening, and to the RailsBridge Workshop Saturday, perhaps with a first voyage on our new-old Cascade 9 dinghy and plenty of daffodil admiration in between, to celebrate the early spring!