and now let us welcome the new year—full of things that have never been

The past two weeks, chopped up by the holly days, whose traditional end, the twelfth day of Christmas, is today, have been a whirl. Today may be the only day I’ve managed to cook anything truly festive, a smoked salmon frittata with goat cheese and dill.

Instead, I’ve been working a great deal with git, managing multiple update branches addressing mozilla/tesdaybot issues and learning that sometimes forcing a push, despite all the warnings, is exactly the right thing to do. git push origin +branch will cause your average github branch to match your current local clone branch, whatever you’ve done with it. It is bad form to do this, if others are pulling from your clone and making their own updates to push, hence the many threats. But when your github repo is your repo alone, and you just want it to match your local repo, and git push complains, git push origin +branch does exactly the right thing.

Otherwise, I have discovered myself surrounded by JavaScript callback functions, or at least, now I know that's what to call those sticky-outy bits of Javascript. I have even written one or two, that even run, myself.... with many thanks to Dietrich and others at the Mozilla Portland office who helped!

And with best wishes for everyone who’s helping with my internship, most especially my mentor, Henrik Skupin, and Mozilla, for the happiest of new years!

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